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from dome9 import Dome9

dome9 = Dome9(key='xxxxxx', secret='yyyyyyy')

rulesets = dome9.list_rulesets()


There are two ways to authenticate Dome9SDK:

  • SDK Arguments: Passing variables to Dome9SDK Dome9SDK(key=’xxxxxx’, secret=’yyyyyyy’)
  • Environment variables: Setting your credentials to DOME9_ACCESS_KEY and DOME9_SECRET_KEY environment variables


export DOME9_ACCESS_KEY='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
export DOME9_SECRET_KEY='yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'
echo -e "import dome9sdk \nprint(dome9sdk.Dome9SDK().list_cloud_accounts())" | python


import json
from dome9 import Dome9

cloudAccount = '00000-00000-00000-00000'

d9 = Dome9()

rulesetTemplate = {}
with open('ruleset','r') as f:
    rulesetTemplate = json.loads(f.read())

# Step 1. Create ruleset
ruleset = d9.create_ruleset(rulesetTemplate)

# Step 2. Run Assessment
results = d9.run_assessment(rulesetId=ruleset['id'], cloudAccountId=cloudAccount)

# Step 3. Delete ruleset
ruleset = d9.delete_ruleset(ruleset['id'])

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